Friday, June 12, 2015

I Spy On My Little Shelf (#1)

So I wanted a way to share with you guys the books on my shelves, both read and unread. I thought about the "On My Shelf" Tag but I didn't want to deal with numbers and keeping track of which I did show before and so on so I figured I would just start at the top of my shelves and show you a couple every week and then just keep going in that order. I'll share a picture and talk a little about either what I thought about it or why I picked it up. I'm excited!!!

NOTE: My shelf for the most part is organized in alphabetical order. I have however accumulated a few books since said organization that are sitting on the shelf and are not in any order.

This week's books are:

Tittle: After
Author: Anna Todd
Series: After (#1)
Pages: 582
Format: Paperback
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

I first heard about this book on April's Booktube channel and was intrigued. From what I have heard it is supposed to be somewhat of a Harry Styles fan-fiction. Now, I am not really a fan of One Direction. I do enjoy some of their songs but not enough to really care about reading a Harry fan-fic. So why did I pick this up? I really loved April's review of it and she made me want to give it a chance and it sounds like there is a lot more to it. I haven't read it yet and am not sure when I will pick it up since it seems it will be a bit on the darker side, but I am looking forward to it!


Tittle: The Time Keeper
Author: Mitch Albom
Series: N/A
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Spiritual

A couple years back I went over to a friend's house and she shoved two Mitch Albom books in my hand as soon as I told her I had never read any of his works. Those two were: The Five People You Meet In Heaven and For One More Day. I was instantly in love with his writing and his story telling abilities. I recently picked this one up and once more I was floored by the beauty of his words and the effect they had on me. The thing is I don't hold the same religious views that he writes about but he has this amazing ability to pull me in and make me feel and believe every word he says. NOTE: I also own The First Phone Call From Heaven but I haven't read this one yet since I want to keep at least one of his books on hand for when I need it! I will continue to read all his books!


Tittle: Crewel
Author: Gennifer Albin
Series: Crewel World (#1)
Pages: 357
Format: Paperback
Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopia, Time Travel

From the moment I read the synopsis for this one I knew that I wanted to read it as some point! Come on, Time Travel, "the fabrics of reality," secrets, and lies?? Yes, Please! I picked up both this one and the sequel, Altered, from Bookoutlet a couple months back and can't wait to dive right it!


Tittle: Little Women
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Series: Little Women (#1)
Pages: 528
Format: Leather Bound
Genre: Classic, Historical Fiction

I have heard AMAZING things about this book from EVERYONE! It is many people's favorite classic and I am ashamed to say that I have never read it! :( I do however own TWO copies...I bought the first one on Bookoutlet because it was like 3 dollars when they were having a big sale BUT then I saw this gorgeous Leather Bound edition at Barnes & Noble and just had to have it! It is gorgeous and I did start reading the first few chapters and really enjoyed the writing style but at the time I wasn't in the mood for something so long since I was in a slump. I do have to pick this one up soon to see if I love it as much as everyone else!


Tittle: Enclave
Author: Ann Aguirre
Series: Razorland (#1)
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopia

This just sounds like a great fast-paced series! I think the only thing that has kept me from starting it already is that some people classify it as Horror and if anyone knows me they know I am the biggest chicken ever! I don't think it will be too bad, I just need to suck it up and read the series! I really have no excuse considering I also own, Outpost and Horde, the last two books in the series. Let me know if you have read this one and on a scale of 1 to 10 how scary it is??!


Tittle: The One And Only Ivan
Author: Katherine Applegate
Illustrator: Patricia Castelao
Series: N/A
Pages: 307
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL book! From the cover to the illustrations, from the writing to the message. I read this book and cried several times I must admit. I am a huge lover of animals and to see the conditions Ivan and the other animals were in, broke my heart. I loved the relationship they all had thought and I loved seeing things from their eyes. Sometimes we forget that they feel just as much as we do. I LOVED the ending! I would recommend everyone to pick this book up and read it with your child. If you like me don't have kids then just read it for yourself. It will open your eyes and teach you a thing or two.


Well, that's it for this go around! I hope you enjoy this new segment on the blog! Let me know your thoughts on any of these books and if I should pick any of these up RIGHT away.

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