Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 Day Reading Challenge: Day 6

Hey Guys! Since I have my good days and my bad days when it comes to writing and posting, I decided that a 30 day challenge such as this one may be a great way to keep me posting consistently. BUT if I somehow miss a day or post it late I am not stressing out about it. Blogging is something I enjoy but it is NOT a chore so I don't want to treat it as one. I hope you all understand! :) I came across this challenge thanks to Chantal over at CK's Reading Corner. Go check out her blog btw because she is awesome! She came across it on Aya's blog Books Wide Open, another lovely blogger whom you should check out! We aren't really sure where it originated from or who created it but if you do happen to know PLEASE let me know so we can give the person credit! 

Day 6: A Book That Makes You Sad 

Oh boy, this book. Let me preface this by telling you that I went on Goodreads a few minutes ago to get the link for the synopsis and I somehow got sucked into reading the quotes, and man was that a bad idea. I just spent the last ten minutes sobbing over the beautiful words. If just reading a couple quotes can do that to me then I imagine you can figure out why I chose this book for today's topic. I think a better phrasing would be that this book made me emotional because the amount of feelings I experienced was astronomical! Making Faces by Amy Harmon is one of the most BEAUTIFUL stories I have ever read. It is a book that tackles some very very hard topics such as terminal disability (in this case, MS), abusive relationships, war and PTSD, faith and religion, inner/outer beauty, disfigurement, and death, to name a few. But it is done so in the most gorgeous and inspiring way. I loved both Ambrose and Fern as characters and as a couple but Bailey stole the show for me. He never let his disability define him, nor did he feel pity for himself. I couldn't help but feel so inspired as I read about this amazing and beautiful human and his struggles. This novel also re-affirmed my belief that inner beauty is the most important part of any human being. We are often so caught up in seeing what is on the outside and judging others that we don't take the time to truly KNOW them and we might be missing out on some of the most INCREDIBLE people we may ever encounter. I know my words will never even come close to reflecting how much this book has impacted me but as I sat here typing this I cried the whole time. This book gave me the gift of FEELING and I will forever hold on to it. 


“True beauty, the kind that doesn't fade or wash off, takes time. It takes pressure. It takes incredible endurance. It is the slow drip the makes the stalactite, the shaking of the Earth that creates mountains, the constant pounding of the waves that breaks up the rocks and smooths the rough edges. And from the violence, the furor, the raging of the winds, the roaring of the waters, something better emerges, something that would otherwise never exist. And so we endure. We have faith that there is purpose. We hope for things we can't see. We believe that there are lessons in loss, power in love, and that we have within us the potential for a beauty so magnificent that our bodies can't contain it.” 

-Amy Harmon, Making Faces



  1. I own that book but haven't read it yet. Now I definitely want to read it because I've heard great things about it and you seem to like it alot! I think I'll try it this summer :)

    1. I loved it so much! Very beautiful and meaningful book!!!